Tips for Designing a Logo

A logo is the face of a company. An identifiable logo triggers memory when people see it. If asked, most of us can identify at least a few iconic logos such as McDonald’s or Disney. That’s the whole point: you want to take the time to create a logo that sticks to people’s minds. Big brand logos have five key things in common. Read on to find out what these are to create a killer design for your company.

  1. Simplicity

What’s going on in a logo? For instance, the original Apple logo was rainbow colored. Today, it’s rendered in black or simple gray scale. The simple design makes the logo aesthetically easier for customers to see, retain and digest. Take this cue from Apple and keep the number of colors to absolutely no more than three.

  1. Brand consistency

Your logo implicitly communicates things to consumers about your brand. Choose a design that fits your company’s overall message. If you’re a new company, put some careful thoughts into your company’s key characteristics and how you want to convey them in your logo.

  1. Memorability

This refers to the quality that makes your logo easy for customers to recall which encourages repeat customers. This is why, it pays to have a simple design. It’s easier to remember and customers appreciate that. Interestingly though, a little bit of mismatch can help people’s memory too if they notice something unique about your design. If the Apple logo didn’t have a bite to it, it would have been easier to process but you probably won’t remember it because it’s similar to a million other things you’ve seen before. Put a little surprise to your logo to make it stand out from the pack.

  1. Remarkability

Remarkability makes a logo ‘’worthy of remark’’, cutting through the clutter of your industry to reach customers. It’s a way to show your customers that you are both insiders know the culture.

Take a look at Evernote’s logo. Technically, it’s just an elephant head but the way it’s drawn with the curled trunk and the ear like a turned page makes it instantly recognizable. There are several noteworthy elements here: one, elephants are known for their outstanding memory, in line with the word ‘’ever’’; two, the folded ear which matches the word ‘’note’’.

  1. Market testing

Don’t just trust your gut when designing a logo. One way to test various logo designs is to release a survey on a service such as Amazon’s mechanical turk to gather helpful feedback from your actual market. Before printing a design, it helps to get some independent feedback whether your logo is saying everything you want and needed to say.